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Governing Bodies

The government and management of the company Calidade Galicia S.A.U. are entrusted to the following bodies, with the powers conferred thereon by the rules:

  • Shareholders’ General Meeting. Having the company a sole member, it is represented by the person occupying the post of holder of competent management body for Heritage of the Xunta de Galicia (Autonomous government), or in his deputy.
  • The Board of Directors. It is composed of the following six members:
    • The person occupying the post of General Director of Commerce.
    • A representative from each of the regional departments with competence in Commerce, Agriculture, Fisheries and Taxes.
    • A representative from IGAPE (Galician Institute for Economic Promotion).
    The members of the Board of Directors will hold office while occupying the post which give rise to their appointment.
  • The Presidency. The post of president will be occupied by the head of The General Directorate in charge of Commerce.  His/her responsibilities include:
    • Taking office and inspection of all the company’s services, supervise its management and the development of its social activities.
    • Propose the appointment of the person who will act as managing director to the Board of Directors.
  • Managing director. He or she will report to the Board and will manage the company’s business organization and its corporate business.